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FUE is the latest method of hair transplant in Is;amabad Pakistan  and practiced  specifically at Hair Club . Although it is time taking transplant procedure but finally patients can attain super hair transplant results.  As FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is very fruitful hair transplant technique to restore permanent and scar less hair. Our best FUE doctors and paramedical staff is highly trained for this surgery in Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad) and after hair transplant procedure almost impossible to recognize transplanted hair from natural hair.

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FUE hair transplant Islamabad has evolved itself as next step of in the development of modern hair transplant industry. Hair Club is practicing this method since 2002 and pioneers of FUE in Pakistan. Instead of removing the strip from donor area to get hair grafts, very precise holes are made in the back and both sides of scalp which should not exceed .9mm in diameter.

FUE method is practices to produce the scaring rather standard script method as scaring is less visible and very attractive for patients who chose to cut their hairs very short.

FUE method is used to establish or recreate the hair line and provide maximum coverage for bald skin. Standard strip base method or FUE can also practice together to increase the number of follicular units during the single surgery without increase the size of strip.


Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant in Pakistan (Nauman Ijaz -TV actor)



The main reason to practice FUE is that a linear scar is evaded. Numerous followers of FUE market the procedure as a technique that does not involve cutting, less invasive, and scars less and liner scare is not formed during FUE surgery. Normally the length of incision is bigger with FUE compare the strip harvesting method.
Depth of Incision and penetration of the incisions practiced with FUE is generally thinner as compared to strip harvesting.

Technical Expertise
Hair Club in Pakistan is highly train to practice FUE while the main concern with FUE is the rate of transection. For example the hairs in follicular unit are transected they are less likely to grow. This is in part dependent on the level of transection. The reports from physicians specify that the rate of transection is higher with FUE than with strip harvesting. Expert level of skill set is essential for FUE harvesting which needs a lot of precision and finesse.

FUE Hair Transplant Islamabad Before After Results

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FUE  Hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan
FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan(Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad) is significantly higher compare to strip harvesting on a per graft basis. FUE cost may surpass double the price of strip harvesting. people often ask question that what is the price and cost of FUE hair transplant in Pakistan so that they can arrange budget for surgery.

Cost of FUE hair transplant is not fixed and it is determined patient to patient hair loss condition and normally charged per follicle and graft.
FUE Body Hair Transplant
FUE is very useful technique for harvesting body hair. In this case the follicular units are single hairs. Hair Club has successfully restored the body hair transplant of many patients and you can read the reviews of body hair transplant patients and visit the facility to see before & after FUE hair transplant photos and videos.


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FUE Hair Transplant Cost Pakistan – Explore

Find FUE hair transplant cost Pakistan at (Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi) Hair Club Clinic & price details. What is the cost and price of FUE hair transplant cost in Pakistan at (Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi) Hair Club Clinic. Male and female baldness is very common in Pakistan. FUE is the modern hair transplant technique to restore natural hair by using surgical procedure which is completely safe and no side effects. you are required to call for free consultation and know the FUE hair transplant cost Pakistan.

FUE Hair Transplant Cost Pakistan

In Pakistan people are asking question about cost of hair transplant, so that they can plan transplantation according to their budget. FUE hair transplant cost & price is affordable in Pakistan compare to other foreign countries. There is no fix method to estimate the cost of hair transplant because cost varies patient to patient hair loss condition.

You can book free consultation to call Hair Club and hair restoration consultant will comprehensively check up your current state of hair loss. Hair loss cost is normally charges per follicular or graft at Hair Club. FUE hair transplant cost is comparatively higher because extraction of one by one follicle and require precision and microscopic procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant Videos

Watch FUE hair transplant videos which will educate the complete hair restoration process practiced at Hair Club. Follicular Unit Extraction hair restoration is reliable and modern method widely used in Pakistan. If you are looking to find hair loss problem on permanent basis and scar less restoration of hair then FUE is the most modern and effective method.

Visit Hair Club to see the FUE hair transplant videos of satisfied patients, ease of surgical process, and skill of highly trained staff and natural results of before and after videos which is undetectable and natural.

Our videos will guide you step by step FUE procedure in detail and eliminate all rumors in your mind regarding hair transplant issues.

People victim of hair loss are willing to restore natural hair and there is confusion about hair transplant surgical procedure is dangerous and associated side effects. Transplant procedure is very safe and highly train staff will esthetically design pattern of new hair before surgery.

It is recommended visiting the Hair Club Clinic and our consultants will show you the videos of many patients restored hair by adopting FUE hair transplant method.

FUE Hair Transplant Results

FUE hair transplant results are natural, Browse Hair Club Photo Gallery section to view the FUE hair transplant surgical results, FUE hair restoration is pain free procedure and permanent solution for hair loss problem. You can view the number of satisfied patients who have performed hair transplant surgery from Hair Club.

FUE hair transplant results are natural, less healing time, nominal head trauma, completely undetectable results, and unnoticeable scare. You can visit for free consultation at Hair Club where foreign qualified hair restoration consultants will identify the hair loss problem under the supervision of Dr. Nasir Rashid world class hair transplant surgeon.

Hair restoration advisors will guide you step by step and show the before after FUE results of satisfied patients, testimonials, reviews and videos for your satisfaction. You can also ask the recovery time of FUE hair transplant surgery.

FUE hair transplant results are natural, permanent, if we compare FUT old hair transplant technique. You are advised to visit the Hair Club (Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi) clinic to discuss the hair loss problem.



FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant procedures & surgery is performed at Hair Club. Dr. Nasir Rashid is pioneer to introduce FUE procedures in Pakistan by practicing sate of the art FUE techniques. The spirit of procedure is transplant individual hair in the balding area and gives you the totally natural and undetectable hair transplant results.

Under the local anesthesia, FUE hair restoration procedures are performed. FUE procedure is lengthy and takes long time compare to normal hair transplant method. In the mega session of FUE thousands of hair follicular units are extracted from recipient area and transplanted at donor area and it may take one or two days of time.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE procedure includes taking healthy hair follicles straight away from the scalp area then grafting precisely on bald area one by one. Hair Club is performing latest FUE procedures under the direction of well know hair transplant surgeon Dr. Nasir Rashid.

Why Should You Choose FUE Hair Transplant

As the basic of both FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques are same, but latent and best hair transplant procedure is Follicular Unit Extraction in Pakistan is to evacuate hair from one part of the hair and rooted it another part of hair. FUE procedure is popular hair transplant technique and eventually patients can achieve the batter and more natural results.

Though FUE hair transplant procedure is lengthy, but hair transplant patient can achieve the excellent results after surgery. Here we have patients FUE surgery testimonials, videos and reviews which will help you to take a decision. You can also view the photo gallery of before and after FUE hair transplant results also.

FUE is comparatively less painful, minimal downtime but healing process is depending on your skin and its sensitivity. Medications are prescribed to cure the healing process normally it takes one to two weeks of time.

How Long Takes FUE procedure

FUE procedure is normally lengthy and it takes 10 to 12 hours, but some time it takes two days of time depends on surgery and number of grafts.

What is the Cost and Price of FUE hair Transplant in Pakistan?

Cost of FUE hair transplant surgery is entirely depends on complexity of surgery, number of follicles and grafts, patient to patients but price of FUE surgery is comparatively higher than FUT surgery at Hair Club in Pakistan.